August 4, 1971

Peter Grant TV Interview - UK TV Bootleg Report

August 4, 1971
Peter Grant TV Interview - UK TV Bootleg Report

Peter Grant is interviewed for a UK TV News report on bootlegs.

Partial transcription:

Q: How much have you lost? (because of bootlegs)

PG: I would think between $150-200,000 dollars.

Q: Have you actually caught anybody?

PG: Yes, in Germany. I think it was Munich and they were recording it. It wasn't a very good attempt, microphones on broomsticks stuck up in the air. They could be seen from the stage and their equipment was conficated and I think the police arrested them.

Q: So these bootleggers are using crude equipment?

PG: Here, but not in America. In America, the "Blueberry Hill" album, the double Led Zeppelin album recorded in Los Angeles at the Forum, that was recorded by radio transmitters that pick up the signal as the concert's going on in the hall, that's transmitted outside to a mobile recording truck with very good equipment.

Q; What do you do when you find bootleg records in the shops?

PG: I personally go and confiscate the records.

Q; Do some of the groups employ 'heavies'?

PG: Well you're not going to get anybody heavier than me are they.




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