August 8, 1975

Plant Car Accident, Tour Postponed (Press Release)

August 8, 1975
Plant Car Accident, Tour Postponed (Press Release)

Swan Song Inc. Official Press Release: AUGUST 8, 1975


The August-September tour of English supergroup, Led Zeppelin, has been postponed following an auto accident on the small Greek island of Rhodos in which Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant and members of his family were injured.

The accident took place on Monday afternoon, August 4th. Due to the nature and extent of the injuries sustained by Plant and his family, and the inadequate medical facilities in Rhodos, a member of the London staff of Swan Song, Led Zeppelin's record company, flew to Rhodos in a chartered jet equipped with stretchers, blood plasma, and two doctors from Harley St., England's finest medical center.

Plant and his family are currently under intensive care in a London hospital. Earlier today, physicians there diagnosed his injuries as multiple fractures of ankle, bones supporting the foot, and elbow. Following this diagnosis, it was announced by Led Zeppelin manager, Peter Grant, and Zeppelin attorney, Steve Weiss, that the August-September American tour was postponed, as was the October tour that had been scheduled for the Far East. Additionally, there is the possibility that the scheduled November tour of Europe and December tour of Japan may also have to be postponed.

Within the next couple of weeks, doctors expect to have a better idea of when Plant will be recovered and able to perform again.

Plant's wife, Maureen, also in the car, suffered a lengthy period of concussions, and has broken her leg in several places. She has four fractures of the pelvis and facial lacerations. Plant's son, Karac, 4, suffered a fractured leg and multiple cuts and bruises. His daughter, Carmen 7, has a broken wrist, cuts and bruises.

The band was due to begin rehearsals for their forthcoming U.S. tour, in Paris on August 14. 110,000 tickets to two shows at the Oakland Stadium were completely sold out at $10 apiece. Among the other concerts which were postponed were those in Los Angeles at the Rose Bowl, Kansas City, Louisville, New Orleans, Tempe, Arizona, Denver, and Atlanta. 

Danny Goldberg, Vice-President of Swan Song in the U.S.A., said that any fans or well wishers who wish to write to Plant or his family can write care of Swan Song, 484 Kings Road, London S.W.10 OLF, England.

Led Zeppelin has been called the biggest group in rock and roll. They hold the record for the largest attendance ever drawn by a single act: 56,800 who paid to see them at Tampa Stadium in Florida on May 5, 1973, toppling a seven year old Beatles record. Their six albums have sold in excess of 15 million copies world-wide, and their most recent tour of America last winter broke records all over the country. Besides Plant, the group consists of Jimmy Page, Lead guitar, John Paul Jones, bass and keyboards, and John Bonham, drummer. Their manager is Peter Grant who is also president of Swan Song.

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