December 11, 1969

Gold & Platinum Record Awards - Savoy Hotel (UK)

December 16, 1969
Gold & Platinum Record Awards - Savoy Hotel (UK)

"You seem to be gas rockets rather than Led Zeppelins", said Mrs. Gwyneth Dunwoody, Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade, who presented Led Zeppelin with Gold Record awards for sales of $5 million in the United States. Jimmy Page arrives late for the actual ceremony, due to a car accident on the M4.

John Bonham is interviewed in Melody Maker: "We try to record a lot when we're not doing gigs so we don't get stale. The awards are really great. Twelve months ago, I didn't expect we would get one. It's been complete chaos for us recently as Robert, John and I have all been busy buying houses and getting ready for Christmas. It will be the first Christmas at home for me with my son Jason (age three). Last year I was away and before that he was too young to know. He's music mad and I've bought him a great set of miniature drums. It's an absolutely perfect replica down to the bass drum pedal and hi-hat. Even I can play them. They are Japanese made and I saw them in a shop in Toronto. They weren't really for sale and were just on display. But I offered them a hundred dollars and bought them."

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