January 14, 1975

Statement re: Boston Cancellation (Press Release)

January 14, 1975
Statement re: Boston Cancellation (Press Release)

Swan Song Inc. Official Press Release: January 14, 1975

Steve Weiss, spokesman for Led Zeppelin, has made the following statement regarding the Led Zeppelin Boston concert. "It has been widely reported today that Boston officials will be announcing shortly the cancellation of the Boston Gardens Led Zeppelin concert that was scheduled for February 4th. If so, this is a matter of great disappointment to the members of the group and to Swan Song.

In seven years of touring America, Led Zeppelin has never had a concert cancelled, nor has there ever been a serious incident at one of their concerts. It is unfortunate that the
officials in Boston have so little confidence in the young people of Boston - I do not think there would be any problems if the concert was held.

Boston has a special significance for Led Zeppelin, since it was the first city in America where the group played when they first were formed in 1968. We are investigating the possibility of replacing the Boston Gardens date with another concert within driving distance."

 All Led Zeppelin concerts for the, first half of their tour have sold out, more than 300,000 tickets, not including Boston. The tour is being promoted by Swan gong in association with Jerry Weintraub/Concerts West.

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