July 14, 1977

Oakland 1977 "Days On the Green" - Press Release

July 14, 1977
Oakland 1977 "Days On the Green" - Press Release


Official Press Release:

BILL GRAHAM PRESENT, San Francisco Ca 94101


Plus opening act

Oakland Stadium
Sat & Sun, 23 & 24 July 1977

Led Zeppelin will at long last headline the final Days on the Green #6 and #7 on 23 & 24 July 1977. Also appearing will be Derringer; an opening act will be announced later. Tickets to this Bill Graham Production (in association with KFRC) are completely SOLD OUT. There will be no tickets available at the door on the days of show. If you don't have a ticket, please do not come to the show. Also we caution people to be wary of counterfeit ticket sellers offering counterfeit tickets to these shows. As always, we remind people that no cans, bottles, alcohol, ice chests or lawn furniture will be allowed into the shows. The Bill Graham office thanks the Bay Area for making 1977 another successful Day on the Green year. The Led Zeppelin shows will probably be the last Days on the Green. The gates will open at 9am; show will start at 11 am. As usual, please do not come early.

Led Zeppelin may well be the most popular rock music band performing live today. Their cancellation in 1975 devastated fans; with the result that this year's performances sold out in under a week. Although the group has recorded dozens of albums containing single hits ("Whole Lotta Love," "Stairway to Heaven," "Physical Graffiti," "Houses of the Holy"), them popularity goes beyond song recognition into the realm of fanaticism.

The Led Zeppelin fan is truly a fanatic; and many people attend their shows knowing only their name and fame. The members of the band are the legendary Jimmy Page on guitar; the now-recovered Robert Plant on vocals (he was responsible for the 1975 cancellation), John Bonham on drums and John Paul Jones on bass.


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