July 26, 1977

Plant Family Tragedy / Remaining Dates Cancelled

July 26, 1977
Plant Family Tragedy / Remaining Dates Cancelled

Newswire: LONDON (AP) — The rock group Led Zeppelin has canceled the last 10 concerts of its trouble-plagued U.S. tour following the death of singer Robert Plant's 5-year-old son Karac,  speaker for the band said yesterday.

Plant, 29, flew to his farm near Kidderminster in the English midlands Wednesday from New Orleans after his wife Maureen telephoned him with news of the tragedy.

Moira Bellas said Karac was stricken by an unknown illness last week and collapsed Monday. Doctors decided to hospitalize him, but he died before they could do anything.

Plant's father said: "Karac was the apple of Robert's eye. They idolized one another."  Plant's other child, 8-year-old Carmen, was not affected by the illness, the spokeswoman reported.  



1977 Cancelled Tour Dates:

July 30, 1977 - Superdome, New Orleans (cancelled)
August 2, 1977 - Stadium, Chicago (cancelled)
August 3, 1977 - Stadium, Chicago (cancelled)
August 6, 1977 - Rich Stadium, Buffalo (cancelled)
August 9, 1977 - Arena, Pittsburg (cancelled)
August 10, 1977 - Arena, Pittsburg (cancelled)
August 13, 1977 - JFK Stadium, Philadelphia (cancelled)



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