November 13, 1974

Led Zeppelin U.S. Tour - Press Release

November 13, 1974
Led Zeppelin U.S. Tour - Press Release

SWAN SONG INC. Official Press Release: November 13, 1974

Peter Grant, manager of Led Zeppelin and President of their record label Swan Song, has announced a major American tour for the group beginning in mid-January, and extending --with a break in the middle -- until the end of March.

This is Led Zeppelin's first tour since their historic 1973 American tour in which they broke several concert attendance records that had been set years before by the Beatles. The most outstanding record set that year still stands: Led Zeppelin attracted the largest paid attendance ever by one act on May 5, 1973 when 55,800 paid to see them at Tampa Stadium in Tampa; Florida. Led Zeppelin consists of Robert Plant, .lead singer, Jimmy Page, lead guitar, John
Paul Jones, bass and keyboards, and John Bonham, drums.

Shortly before the tour begins, Led Zeppelin will release their sixth album, "Physical Graffiti," on their recently formed record label, Swan Song. The album is a two record set of all new material and it is expected to "ship gold” with advance orders of well over a million dollars. Led Zeppelin's five previous albums have all been "platinum," which means more than a million units sold, and their last two albums, "Houses Of The Holy," and "Led Zeppelin," each stayed on the charts for well over a year and continue to be major catalogue sellers world wide.  In fact, Led Zeppelin is the best selling group in the history of Atlantic Records, for whom their first five albums were recorded. Atlantic distributes Swan Song.

Grant announced details of the first half of Zeppelin's tour as follows: Minneapolis Sports Centre, January 18, Chicago Stadium (20,21,22) Cleveland Coliseum (24), Indianapolis Arena (25), St. Louis, Missouri Arena (27), Greensboro, N. Carolina Coliseum (28), Detroit, Michigan Olympia Stadium (31), Pittsburgh, Pa. Arena, February 1, New York's Madison Square Garden (3), Boston, Mass. Gardens. (4), Montreal, Canada Forum (6), Mew York's Madison Square Garden (7), Philadelphia, Pa. Spectrum (8), Washington, D.C. Capitol Centre (10), New York's Madison Square Garden (12), Nassau Coliseum, L.I., NY (13, 14).

The second half will begin in early March. As is their custom, Led Zeppelin will perform approximately a two and a half hour show. They will have no opening act.

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