Uncut Magazine - In-depth interviews with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones.

March 27, 2008

See the latest issue of Uncut magazine, onsale now, for in-depth exclusive interviews with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones - the first since their reunion show last December.

Speaking in the new (May 2008) edition, Robert Plant commented on the huge success of their December reunion show at London's O2 Arena: "Hopefully, one day, we could do it again. Our profit is - it's metaphysical."

The group's bassist John Paul Jones added: "We (Jones and Page) spoke afterwards, and we both thought the same - it felt like the first night of a tour. You think, 'Oh, I could do that a bit better, or change something in that song.' And we didn't get a chance to do any more."Uncut magazine - May 2008

Plant also says the Ahmet Ertegun reunion gig was very different to previous gigs in their heyday. He says he: "sang his nuts off" and says it was weird that the "personality of the audience has changed from those days when everybody was in the same condition as the band. Now it was more like the 68th wonder of the world rather than a gig. So I felt a bit embarrassed."


The issue also comes with a free 15-track CD of the music that shaped Led Zep, featuring Elvis Presley, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker and Otis Rush amongst the selections.