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December 10, 2007

London, UK

The O2 Arena


Good Times Bad Times, Ramble On, Black Dog, In My Time Of Dying,  For Your Life, Trampled Underfoot, Nobody's Fault But Mine, No Quarter, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed And Confused, Stairway To Heaven, The Song Remains The Same, Misty Mountain Hop, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Rock And Roll


Led Zeppelin reunites with Jason Bonham on drums for the Ahmet Ertugen Tribute charity concert. Official release, "Celebration Day", on audio cd, blu-ray and DVD on Nov. 19th, 2012.

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Submit your personal review of a particular show you attended, updates, corrections, etc., which will be considered for addition to the official online archive.You may also contact the webmaster at: webmaster@ledzeppelin.com

Full Circle

I was robbed by being born in 1974 and being musically unconscious until I was 8 when I started listening to Men at Work. In 8th grade I dug through my mother's record collection and pulled out Led Zeppelin's 4th album. I played it on an old record player that I had just bought by selling my Transformers collection. No lie, I skipped dinner that night as I played through the album, start to finish 5 times before finally turning in. I was hooked.

After that I bought every Zeppelin album there was... twice. I bought the posters, the book, the movies, the patches. Course being the mid 80's it was mostly cheap knockoffs meant to appease late-comers like me. People who never got to see the band live.

Over time tastes change, I discovered other music and spent much time listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull and my Zeppelin collection finally got a chance to rest.

I started a band with some friends of mine in college, a rock band with a bagpiper. Still going today and it's a lot of fun. I play guitar and produce the bands records, something I've found that I have a knack for though I never knew why.

Then recently I told my neighbor that I was a Zeppelin fan from way back and had recently started listening to them again. He loaned me his 2 DVD set "Led Zeppelin". I was glued to the television for the entire 5 hours that the DVD ran. Watching the band live as opposed to just listeing to the studio recordings was an eye opener for me. I always wondered what Jimi did with those intricate guitar parts live when he couldn't overdub and I always wondered what John Paul Jones did with those organ parts when he couldn't play the bass. It was like a classroom for me and I payed attention more during that class than any I've ever taken.

The more I watch them and the more I listen to them I realize that my own studio work and live work is directly a result of Led Zeppelin. Sure I turned on to other music as a kid and listened to it over the years but I'm amazed at how soulful, innovative, creative and otherworldly the music of Led Zeppelin is. I was always put off when someone referred to them as a heavy metal band or a hard rock band because to me that meant AC/DC or Kiss. Don't get me wrong, those bands are great and all but Zeppelin has always been so much more. It's frustratingly indescribable.

So point number 1 is to say thank you to the guys of Zeppelin, all of you, you've made it fun for me to create music on my own and, like thousands of others, have given me inspiration... I just hope that I can use it well.

Also being in a band I know that no matter how many applauds and accolades one gets from fans who really dig your stuff a lot can be undone from some ignorant slob who chooses to put you down. Point number 2 then is to say that I would sacrifice my future music making career, sever my left arm and personally beat those people aside for the chance to see Zeppelin perform live because, as stated above, being born in 1974 meant that I was only 6 when you guys stopped in 1980.

Sadly I wasn't one of the 20,000 who got a ticket to your show in 2007, so I think you need to give all of us another chance ;-)



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