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August 7, 1969

Las Vegas, NV US

Ice Palace


Setlists during this tour include: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown


This date is now confirmed by multiple sources, including JPJ who recalls the show.


8-7-1969 Las Vegas Sun: "Curfew with be extended until midnight for all youngsters under 18 years old attending the "Lead" Zeppelin rock and roll concert at the Ice Palace. Curfew is normally 10 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on Friday and Saturday nights".

4-12-1970, LV Journal Review: "The youthful, hardworking, crowd-pleasing favorites, appeared in Las Vegas once before, in August 1969."


Las Vegas Weekly - "top 25" concerts held in Vegas

3. Led Zeppelin, Las Vegas Ice Palace, 1969
Though the Internet purports Zeppelin's only Vegas-related date to have been an April 19, 1970, Convention Center cancellation  we've spoken to a dozen individuals who vividly recall getting the Led out at this once-hopping all-ages venue in the Commercial Center off Sahara Ave. It went down atop the wood-covered ice of a hockey arena—most likely, we deduce, on either August 11 or 12, between shows in San Diego and Phoenix—with fans of the band's blues-driven early music fanning across the plywood floor and up the bleachers along the sides. "They were good, except when Jimmy Page pulled out that violin bow and drove me nuts with it for the next 25 minutes," recalls Las Vegas resident Tom Burt. "It was before they were really big—they only had their first album out—but if you knew what was goin' on, you knew who they were."

From Michael Chain in the group PINKINY CANANDY: "We were second on the bill. A local band opened the show (at the Ice Palace in Las Vegas), then Pinkiny Canandy (Michael Chain) and then Zeppelin. (w/ thanks to Steve A. Jones)

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Submit your personal review of a particular show you attended, updates, corrections, etc., which will be considered for addition to the official online archive.You may also contact the webmaster at: webmaster@ledzeppelin.com

Interview with Michael Chain of Pinkiny Canandy


An Interview With Michael Chain of Pinkiny Canandy

Conducted Thu, April 8, 2008 by Steve A. Jones:

Q: Allow me to take you back to Summer 1969. What's going on in your life in general at that time?

A: My band the Knack (Capitol Records) had broken up and I went off on my own. I signed a new deal with UNI records and recorded the PINKINY CANANDY album.

Q: In regards to August 11th 1969, what had brought Pinkiny Canandy to Las Vegas? Was it part of a larger tour?

A: I was out promoting my new PINKINY CANANDY album and jumping from concert to concert.

Q: Do you recall who handled the bookings and promotion, if any, for the concert? Was it arranged on short notice? Do you recall posters being produced or any announcements in the press? The presence of press photographers?

A: Mike Tell promoted the concerts. (he later married Patty Duke and built an ark in his backyard) Tell flew by the seat of his pants and his concerts were the same. Pinkiny did a promo autograph album signing party at a local record store and I don't recall much in the way of posters or press. We were too worried about getting paid, played, and laid to pay much attention to anything else.

Q: Throughout the month Led Zeppelin had been staying at the Continental Hyatt House on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Do you recall where Pinkiny Canandy was staying?

A: When I wasn't at home (off Laurel Canyon below Mullholland Drive) PINKINY CANANDY (Michael Chain & band) was sleeping on the floor of his Ford Econoline van on a cross country pick-up concert tour Mike Tell set up.

Q: You mentioned to me a local act opened this concert, and Pinkiny Canandy was billed above Led Zeppelin. Is this correct? Does the name of the local act escape your memory?

A: Led Zeppelin topped the bill with Pinkiny Canandy as special guests and a local band opening the show. Haven't a clue who they were.

Q: Do you recall if any of the bands conducted a sound check at the Ice Palace?

A: Pinkiny did a soundcheck and then we were off to the record store.

Q: Was there any offstage interaction between yourself or your band with Led Zeppelin?

A: We got to the Ice Palace first and snagged the best dressing room (they were all pretty terrible as the place was an ice skating rink). We joked about that and John Paul Jones' connection with Herman's Hermits, and during Doug Altman's (Pinkiny drummer) solo, Doug threw a drumstick at Bonham who was behind the stage.

Q:Any backstage banter or discussions about the local music scene?

A: The stage was a makeshift platform set up on the ice in the middle of the rink. Boards were laid over the ice in front of the stage for the concert goers - no real backstage only bare ice. Not much of a music scene in Vegas other than top 40 dance bands. It they danced to you in the 60's you weren't a concert act.

Q: How long did Pinkiny Canandy perform that night? What sort of material and songs were presented?

A: We performed for about 45 minutes, playing all of my original songs from the PINKINY CANANDY album and ended the show with our signature tearing-down of our amps and drums during our encore. The drummer's set was carried offstage piece by piece during his solo until he had nothing left to play but the snare. We carried Doug offstage that night banging away to a standing ovation.

Q: After your performance, did you stay to observe Led Zeppelin's set? We're you at all familiar with their debut album? Jimmy Page's reputation as a guitarist? Were you aware he was departing for New York the next day to continue his work on Led Zeppelin II?

A: After we got out of our white Brioni suits we snuck back out to watch Zeppelin from the back of the bleachers. We had heard the debut album and were aware of Jimmy's rep as a picker (he lived up to it). Having had James Burton, Jerry Cole, Glen Campbell, Tommy Tedesco, Bobby Cochran, Kent Henry, Jose Feliciano, and Dink Kaplan play with me in the past I was always very conscious of great guitarists. We too were departing for New York that night, only we were doing it in a Ford Van.

Q: Do you have any other recollections or anecdotes from that night you wish to share?

A: Zeppelin were great guys, great players, and they had a great sense of humor. I am currently writing a book about that Mike Tell pick-up tour we played with Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, Canned Heat, Zombies and Three Dog Night on.

Q: Did you attend any of Led Zeppelin's other performances thru the years? Did your paths ever cross again personally or professionally?

A: Never did. A few years after that concert I became a television writer (Rambo, Punky Brewster, Villa Alegre, Chuck Norris) and didn't go back into music until the late 90's.

Q: What's next for Michael Chain? Any particular projects you wish to mention?

A: You can check out all of my music from the original Knack to now on youtube.com (search: Michael Chain Band) or my website: www.michaelchain.com