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August 7, 1969

Las Vegas, NV US

Ice Palace


Setlists during this tour include: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown


This date is now confirmed by multiple sources, including JPJ who recalls the show.


8-7-1969 Las Vegas Sun: "Curfew with be extended until midnight for all youngsters under 18 years old attending the "Lead" Zeppelin rock and roll concert at the Ice Palace. Curfew is normally 10 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on Friday and Saturday nights".

4-12-1970, LV Journal Review: "The youthful, hardworking, crowd-pleasing favorites, appeared in Las Vegas once before, in August 1969."


Las Vegas Weekly - "top 25" concerts held in Vegas

3. Led Zeppelin, Las Vegas Ice Palace, 1969
Though the Internet purports Zeppelin's only Vegas-related date to have been an April 19, 1970, Convention Center cancellation  we've spoken to a dozen individuals who vividly recall getting the Led out at this once-hopping all-ages venue in the Commercial Center off Sahara Ave. It went down atop the wood-covered ice of a hockey arena—most likely, we deduce, on either August 11 or 12, between shows in San Diego and Phoenix—with fans of the band's blues-driven early music fanning across the plywood floor and up the bleachers along the sides. "They were good, except when Jimmy Page pulled out that violin bow and drove me nuts with it for the next 25 minutes," recalls Las Vegas resident Tom Burt. "It was before they were really big—they only had their first album out—but if you knew what was goin' on, you knew who they were."

From Michael Chain in the group PINKINY CANANDY: "We were second on the bill. A local band opened the show (at the Ice Palace in Las Vegas), then Pinkiny Canandy (Michael Chain) and then Zeppelin. (w/ thanks to Steve A. Jones)

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Submit your personal review of a particular show you attended, updates, corrections, etc., which will be considered for addition to the official online archive.You may also contact the webmaster at: webmaster@ledzeppelin.com

Led Zeppelin @ the Ice Palace

Dude, I can't believe it.

I was reminiscing today, listening to a bit of Led Zepplin and began wondering what the date was when I saw Zeppelin many years back. I went to google and put -Led Zeppelin Ice Palace- in the search window and the first thing that was listed was your site with this discussion of the concert. Amazing !

Guess what else. That night I met the fella from PINKINY CANANDY. I was with my buddy John Valentine and we met a fellow from the band, it may have been Michael Chain. There was another band playing that night, it was a local band named "Merry Cherry Candy Company". They had this little 95 lb. drummer named Billy and I thought he was the shizzle, althought we didn't say shizzle back then. He beat the crud outta them drums and I was in awe. I always wondered what happened to that kid and two years ago discovered he was the drummer who had been playing in the church I pastor. This story has a supernatural component to it that was mindblowing but that's a whole nother story.

Anyway, another friend of ours who was at the concert was the brother of the concert promoter. So, this friend, (brother of the promoter), told me the band, Led Zeppelin, had requested some food from the snack bar and he asked me if I would help him out by picking it up and delivering it to their dressing room. Are You Kidding? WILL I? I had just swiped Led Zeppelin's second album from the local "Wonderworld" and dude, these guys were freekin unbelievable and this guy's asking me if I'll get em some food and deliver it to their dressing room. I was 15 years old and about to get within a few feet of Led Zeppelin. Nobody's gonna believe this. Being a 15 year old, I think my $12 or $13 ticket to get in was about all the $$ I had so I asked, "how do I pay for it?" He says, tell em your with the crew, give em my name and they'll give you the food and he said don't wait in line, tell who the food is for. I asked him what I should get? He said, get em 6 hot dogs, 4 cokes and two orders of fries. He told me to get straws, napkins, condiment packets, etc. and be as quick as possible.

Okay, so I'm off on my mission and feeling pretty freekin important. I walk up to the snack bar which is crowded as H-E- dbl hockey sticks. It's hot, all the bodies & such. There may be a hockey rink under that plywood covering but it's August in Vegas and it's hot. I try to act like I'm somebody and squeeze through the crowd. I say, hey I need pick up some food for the band, they ask who sent me and I tell em. Uh huh, you heard me right, it's for Led Zeppelin, I felt a fair number of eyes focused on me and it felt good. The get everything ready for me place it in one of the most inadequate cardboard trays that has ever been constructed for such a purpose. I begin to make my way back towards the area I've been told I'll find the dressing rooms.

The most effective pathway possible is totally blocked with concert goers who are listening to Merry Cherry. The proverbial light bulb goes off as I notice a pathway under the bleachers. I scope it out and believe I have found my answer although there are a few metal rails I will have cross as I make my way.

It was dark, the cardboard tray is flimsy and did I mention that there were no lids for the cokes. What the . . . .H-E . . . I'm trying to be sooo careful but one of those rails just about kicked my butt. It took everything I had to keep from falling. The hot dogs were in those little white paper boats and to my horror they were now floating, in coke. Filled with absolute dread I continued my mission. I proceeded to the backstage hallway and was directed to the band's dressing room door. Someone knocked on the door and a moment later, the door opened and I had a glimpse of a world I would never know. A smoke filled room of rockers gettin ready to rock surrounded by a bevy of exotic looking foxes. Robert Plant had big hair but one gals brunette hair was bigger. Clothing that was hippy shiek looking just like what you'd expect. Tight jeans, gals in that vintage, wispy looking drapey stuff and that's all I saw as the door closed. At that point, the last thing I wanted was someone opening the door asking who the dip was who soaked their dogs. I was gone in a flash.

I rejoined the audience right about the time Billy Golleher the 95 lb "Merry Cherry" drummer I told you about, was doin his rendition of Keith Moon. Totally (pretending) he was destroying his drum set as they closed of their set, it's the only set Billy had and his friends helped him scoop up the remains for later reconstruction.

I found John Valentine who was hanging with the PINKINY CANANDY guy and we talked briefly but the fella had to leave to play his set. What a night. PINKINY was terrific. Then Led Zeppelin came on stage and the foursome didn't seem worse for the wetdogs. They were amazing.

For all of you who were there that night, they will remember that behind John Bonham there was a huge Chinese Gong. Back at that time, most bands had lead guitar, bass guitar, drummers and lead singers. There might be an organ thrown in but a gong. That was something new and I don't remember how Bonham used it but it was part of the set. Most of what I remember about the Zeppelin was that they were earth shaking and Heavy. I don't need to go into detail, they were amazing, how could they not be amazing, they're Zeppelin.

Anyway, those days were sweet and I'm glad I survived them. Many of my friends didn't. These days I pastor a Calvary Chapel and we play music of another kind but if you've heard Skillet, Kutless, Story Side B, Barlow Girl, The Listening, etc. you'll know that the rock influence of Zeppelin has played an interesting part in the music we now sing for the Rock whose name is Jesus.

Thanks for the website.
What fun it was to rifle through my memory in order to share this story. I hope someone enjoys it.

Pastor Mike Welte
Las Vegas, Nevada