Philadelphia 1975

Spectrum - February 8, 1975

Live clips of "In My Time of Dying", from Philadelphia 1975.

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physical graffiti

A couple carloads of students came from Stockton State College near Atlantic City to see the show. Our seats were up high, but to the right of the stage and we could look down on the show. We didn't have much pot but a little dexadrine. It gave us a little juice for the show.
Zep had a quadrophonic sound system that was fairly new. Jimmy Page could bounce his guitar echo to the speakers in the back of the Spectrum.
They opened with Rock and Roll, but the sound wasn't quite set up and the band wasn't warmed up, so it sounded a little flat. But they soon warmed to the Philly crowd and got amped up. Black Dog was awesome. Dazed and Confused was the feature song and it was amazing.
The new Physical Graffiti songs were awesome. Kashmir just put us in a trance. We left the show feeling like we all just dropped acid, and we all said we felt that way. Ahh, those were the days.