L.A. 3/24/75 (part 2) 8mm film

The Forum - March 24, 1975


Film clips of Led Zeppelin performing in L.A March 24, 1975


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Much Appreciated

Seeing this footage some 21 years after I was privileged enough to see Led Zeppelin at MSG in NYC in 1977, it brings back memories of that place and time. I was 17 years old and was fortunate enough to have a cousin that lives in Queens to whom got me a ticket with about 16 to 18 friends to which me made the trip into the city and into Madison Square Garden. I remember being elated in just seeing the huge billboard that lit up the front of the Garden to which had as follows: "Led Zeppelin - June 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 13th and 14th-SOLD OUT". Just seeing that got me excited and somewhat nervous in anticipation. We saw the 13th {fifth night} performance and payed $40.00 apiece for tickets in the yellow {lower arena} seats for the last night of six performances. After seeing well over 200 concerts since then, Led Zeppelin was the best and the shows will always take center stage in any of my 'concert experiences' to this day still.
Thanks again for this fantastic website. I will keep my fingers crossed that Robert Plant agrees to do some shows with the rest of the band in 2009. One will always be surprised with the way that Led Zeppelin goes about thier future. As well as all of the fans that will help 'sell out' every show that may be scheduled in the near future.
Rob, Boston-Massachusetts