Houston 1971 (16mm film)

Sam Houston Coliseum - August 26, 1971

Clips of Led Zeppelin live in Houston 1971. (16mm film)


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Houston 71

I have been a Zep fan for a long time(over 40 years); and this to me is LZ at it's Finest. The band is dynamic and very confident on stage-and it shows

Their tightness as a band and their stage presence is second to none.

The 4th album wasn't released yet and the crowd is going WILD!!

Imagine the reaction when they received a copy of this album and the sheer pandemonium that would ensue after it's release

This is a band pushing themselves to the next level-which would be SUPERSTARDOM!!   I think Plant say's it best:

"It's not that we think we are the Number 1 band in the world ; but I feel we are so much better than whoever Number 2 is"