Houston 1971 (16mm film)

Sam Houston Coliseum - August 26, 1971

Clips of Led Zeppelin live in Houston 1971. (16mm film)


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After concert cop/hippie action

Great video.

I had to work that night. Got off at 11pm. Drove my 1970 blue Chevy hippie van to the Coliseum.
Parked right across the street, near the crosswalk. There were dozens of HPD there. I got out, walked across the street, a cop stopped me and said, "what are you doing?"

"Going to meet my friends after the concert."

"Boy, you better get out of here."

I went back to my van and sat there just as the doors opened and the crowd came out. The cops immediately began hassling everyone. "Move on", etc. Anyone who crossed against the light or outside of the crosswalk was getting arrested. Paddy wagons came around the corner and lined up. It was straight out of Chicago 1968 Convention. The cops grabbed hippies by the hair, (male and female) dragged them to the wagons. Hauled off truckloads of people. Many of the cops had 3 foot nightsticks. The used them to intimidate and crack skulls. I saw a number of kids run with cops chasing and swinging as hard a they could. Luckily, a 16 year-old can outrun a cop.

After about 30 minutes a cop noticed me and said, "Leave now or go to jail."

Sorry I missed the concert, but I had a front-row seat for the outside action.

Here's a link you will enjoy http://blogs.chron.com/40yearsafter/

Does anyone remember the group who videoed concerts in the early 70's? Space City Video.