Houston 1971 (16mm film)

Sam Houston Coliseum - August 26, 1971

Clips of Led Zeppelin live in Houston 1971. (16mm film)


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Born in 71

I was born in 71 - discovered Zep as early teen in the 80s. All the videos on this site....Jimmy's playing & Plant's singing together...seriously YUM!!! (of course Bonham/Jones are powerful and essential) STILL gives me chills. MAN! They are ELECTRIC!! First time I heard KASHMIR on the radio I *FREAKED* (remember this is, like, 1983 already) but I freaked the first time I heard other songs too. I still don't consider them 'heavy metal' but man they were pretty heavy for 1969-71. I'd probably consider Black Sabbath the first heavy metal band (besides Zep traverses so many styles of Rock). Zep's first album is my favorite although every album after it rocks too. Every song so different from each other yet you can always hear Jimmy's style (I only need to hear one note actually) Ok, the rest of them are very distinct as well but I was a young guitar player so Jimmy was god-like to me. To this day I am *VERY* jealous of anyone who has seen Zep live - including all you people who've posted here!! I would just like to sit down with you all and chat about those times.... Zep was probably the biggest reason I wanted to grow up in the 70s while I was growing up in the 80s. Man, the sheer electric power & charisma behind Jimmy's riffs, the bass and the drums - all together are phenomenal!! I don't revisit that time in my youth too often but when I do and I listen to this - I am reminded of why I was known around the Tempe area as a serious Zep Head.