Zurich 1980 (8mm film)

Hallenstadion - June 29, 1980


Rare film clips of Led Zeppelin performing live in Zurich 1980. 

Concert info: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/june-29-1980


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Pure emotion

Each time I'm listen to Led Zep, I measure the chance I had to be at their concert on this 29th of June 1980. I've seen many famous groups but on this unforgettable Sunday, something really special happened. Real magic: "In the evening" still sounds in my head and what to say about Kashmir or Stairway To Heaven? Absolute light... 

I remember Robert Plant sharing his love with the thousands like a saint of simplicity. I remember a sea of lighters during Stairway To Heaven. I remember Jimmy Page fighting with his guitar(s) on the right side of the scene and Bonzo drumming like a mad as if he was feeling the approach of the end. His end. And John Paul Jones. So good, so right, so essential, like the cement between the bricks.

I can say that it was one of the greatest moments of my life !

Now, I have 3 children (8, 15 and 17) and they love Led Zeppelin. Doesn't it prove the universality of their music?

Thanks you Led Zep, you gave and still give us so much. We'll keep you in our heart and our spirit until we all rejoin Bonzo...

Daniel Perissutti