Munich 1980 (Rare film)

Olympia Halle - July 5, 1980


Rare film clips of Led Zeppelin performing in Munich 1980. Also features Simon Kirke. (8mm film).

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Back Together Again

I agree Kimmy, would love to see em back together again.  But I would kinda feel guilty about asking that.  These guys were great, and provided lotsa memories (oh, the Led Zepp parties I attended - my parents used to think they were dangerous for us kids to listen too.  LOL.  They never attended the parties - THOSE were dangerous!), but come around 1980 music was changing, and HAS changed.  Led Zepp is of another era, one we were lucky enough to experience. LOL - and survive!  But these guys were tired come about 1980.  Its no good if you cant have fun with it.  They say its because nobody can replace John Bonham, but I dont beleive that.  They were tired too, and I dont think they were having fun anymore.

On the other hand, I often find myself wondering what they would sound like today if they had gone on.  In Thru The Out Door was such a different album from albums past.  Very different sound.  Makes me wonder how the group would have evolved.

Today, robert plant is still touring and I beleive if your american he is in the US, if you wanna check him out.  I was gonna see him in Georgia but something happened with the date, either I got it wrong or they changed it.  Jimmy page is kinda keeping quiet, John Paul is .... writing an opera?  re-writing an opera.  I hope he comes thru with that  - would love to check it out.  I've always said he is super talented as much as any of the other members of the group, he just was never really noticed much.

Love Led Zeppelin.  Thanks for the music, and thanks for the memories, which to this day I listen too all the time.  My ipod (dont you love em?) has an album of this one and an album of that one and the whole stinkin collection of Led Zepp, which amuses everyone.  What can i say?  Love the music!

if anybody from the group reads this, i only have to say thanks and whatever you do, have fun with it.  Thats your big mystery my friends.