Munich 1980 (Rare film)

Olympia Halle - July 5, 1980


Rare film clips of Led Zeppelin performing in Munich 1980. Also features Simon Kirke. (8mm film).

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Munich show 1980

My brother and sister and I saw the show in Frankfurt days earlier and went to this show without tickets. My sister was the 1st to get a ticket (scallped) and then my brother. I sat outside in gloom thinking I was not going to get a ticket. Then at the last minute a guy walks up to me and says, "are you and american?, I said yes" he said that he worked for Warner Electra Atlanta and was to interview the band Roxy Music (warm up) and was waiting for his business partner to arrive. He told me "if this guy doesnt show in 3 minutes, you can have his backstage pass and we will go in together" Holy Sh*&!!! The longest 3 minutes of my life. It went by, he was true to his word and handed me a "Guest" pass and we went in through the back door. Got to the backstage area and the WEA guy told me to "not wonder around, watch the show and I will see you after". So I stayed in the same place on stage right for the entire show. When the show was over, Page brushed against my shoulder as he walked past me and Plant walked right by me as well. . Page was drinking a big O.J. and Plant had an Evian water. Fricking amazing, Zepp 2x in 1 week.