L.A. 6/23/77 Rare Film (w/ Keith Moon)

The Forum - June 23, 1977

Rare film clips of Led Zeppelin performing in Los Angeles 6/23/1977. Keith Moon  joins them onstage. (8mm film)

Concert info: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/june-23-1977



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I was there too!!!

The original show date was 15 March 1977. It was postponed until 23 June 1977. The original ticket price was $8.75. It was a GREAT show! I saw Zep 8 times in my life, including this show. A friend of mine and myself were at another concert where a guy was selling 4 tickets for this show for $80. I had $23 and my friend had $28, so we bougt one each, seats together. We argued over who would buy out the other. When the concert was cancled, my friend traded me his ticket for my go-cart, I took my girlfriend, and the rest is history...