That's the Way (Earls Court 1975)

Earls Court Arena - May 25, 1975


Led Zeppelin perform "That's the Way" in Earls Court 1975. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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I know they're revered as

I know they're revered as flawless rock gods to many of you .. And I agree to some extent. They were so far ahead at that time. It was rediculus... However, speaking from live experience.. They had their good days and bad days just like any other band.. I have heard some shows that would make Kirk Cobaine cringe.. Talk about off key!
But man if I could pick just one day......1975 Earls Court would be the one.. Wow!.... That one was perfect. Note the looks between Plant and Page during this one. They feel it hard.. That energy is so thick they're practicaly floating. And they both know it... I'm a musician also and I've only been fortunate enough to have a hand full of nights like that.... To me it's why I am.. Its why I breathe.. It keeps me alive and well... Can't wait to wrap up in the next one...
Fom the bottom of my heart, Thank you once again Led Zeppelin.. Hail to the kings..