Dazed and Confused (Supershow 1969) Film

Supershow - March 25, 1969

Led Zeppelin perform "Dazed and Confused" - filmed for "Supershow" in March 1969. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003)


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Long-live ZEPPELIN

You guys Rock and have been a great aspect of Rock for years. Not just most of the time, but every time I hear any song from Led Zeppelin. It makes my day! Adding a certain quality to the air, as your music blazes through the speakers. Your music has wings and it has tought me and everyone that I know how to fly. From a common persons point of view, the picture your music illustrates, is so perfect. Keep playing this great art, not all of us have this talent. But obviously, Led Zeppelin does! Timeless sounds that can never be duplicated or copied. There is no other band like the one called, LED ZEPELIN!

Maybe one day you will host a concert in south Texas.

Dave (Ride Like The Wind)