Stairway to Heaven (Earls Court 1975)

Earls Court Arena - May 25, 1975

Led Zeppelin perform "Stairway to Heaven" live at Earls Court 1975 - From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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Thank You a million times

Dearest Jimmy, Robert, John, and Jason for your Dad John,

Your music, efforts, concerts and videos have been the nicest moments in my life. I've watched this phenomenal video probably close to two thousand times - it's an HONOR to come to your website to EXPERIENCE your music that I LOVE so much.

Jimmy, when you lift up the guitar, it's such a thrill. Robert, when you say, "Does anybody remember laughter -- priceless" and when Jimmy smiles it's a priceless moment I so love to watch - it never gets old.

I sincerely want to THANK YOU for bringing so much joy to my life with your music - and Jason, what an HONOR it was to meet you in Boca -


It would be an honor more than I can describe to see you all in concert. The one wish I've had for thirty five years is to meet you.
Since 1973 you have been and always will be a HUGE part of my life . Thank you for all of the JOY - each of you is a GIFT for life on earth.

Whole Lotta Love,

Barbara Rose