Sick Again (Knebworth 1979)

Knebworth Festival - August 4, 1979

Led Zeppelin perform "Sick Again" at Knebworth 1979 - from the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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Led Zep Live Sound

I understand when Jimmy gets a clip of video from any medium, he does all the mixing or re-mixing. What does he use in today's new technological formats? I think the Re-Issue of "The Way The West Was Won," and excerpts from "The Song Remains The Same," were re-mastered phenomenally!! There isn't a new live rock album today that matches the raw power and density of some of the cuts off of the Long Beach Live CD. I like the clarity of the Knebworth vids, although not as popular as the earlier re-visited. Thanks for the trip, I enjoyed all the updates on the website. PEACE & LOVE from San Francisco!!!