Australia 1972 (Immigrant Song)

Showground - February 27, 1972


Led Zeppelin 8mm footage in Sydney, Australia 1972. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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Sydney 1972 concert

Seeing Led Zep was certainly the best experience of my life. I saw Pink Floyd, Yes and Jethro Tull. But Led Zep was raw, ground breaking and absolutely totally a full mind and body experience. The sound system was unbelievable, and their music was better than on the records once the mixing was sorted out. Am I the only one? or is my memory correct tat they arrived on the Randwick Racecourse in a coach drawn by four white horses? Anyway I have no doubt that great handfulls of joints were thrown into the crowd, because I was there in the front. The cops tried to pounce couldn't even get into the crowd, and so soon there was that sweet smell.

The highlight for me was not the opening, but Whole Lotta Love. I thought the bass was going to thump my body apart. It was felt; the whole concert was felt. None of us had hi fis that could feel bass (and drums) like that. Zep were bettyer than Floyd, but Floyd was the only similar body concert.