Australia 1972 (Immigrant Song)

Showground - February 27, 1972


Led Zeppelin 8mm footage in Sydney, Australia 1972. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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Thankyou: so good to revisit

Thankyou: so good to revisit that day. The Immigrant song was first. We waited an extra hour to get into the showground. For the first tme since the war years we gained an extra hour of sunlight that Sunday back in '72. Unlike Led Zep, daylight saving has returned to Sydney each year. I was 15. My girlfriend and I would have been ring-side without the extra hour. We'd left home at dawn.
When the band started up and the audience cascaded over the boundary I was awestruck at the visible vibration of coke cans on the asphalt. Why would I want to move any closer to those thumpin great decibels... I could see a lot better in those days and I can still hear. In truth I carried regret for resisting the urge to join in the cascade: that passed. The pleasure of seeing and joy of soaring with Led Zeppelin remains. The best live act I've been to was also the first.