Achilles Last Stand (Live Knebworth 1979)

Knebworth Festival - August 4, 1979


Led Zeppelin perform "Achilles Last Stand" live at Knebworth 1979. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).


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My dad bought some tickets to a sow in STL.......

I'm going to keep it short and sweet L/Z are the greatest band to ever walk the earth as I have said before, I am only 13 years-old, 14 years-old now. And Jimmy is my inspiration for my guitar playing! I even learned the crunge and no body, I mean no body plays that live! I have gotten the chance to hear them play "Achillies Last Stand" live and its awesome because it has so many guitar parts in it but Jimmy can play it live! It soundss differen't because it is one guitar but it does kind of have a cool effect because of that! and that is why Jimmy, John Paul Jones, Bonzo, and Robert Plant are the best musicians in the world and they will always no how to be cool! sorry they wrote the book on it!

Sincerely, Joseph A. Re