Achilles Last Stand (Live Knebworth 1979)

Knebworth Festival - August 4, 1979


Led Zeppelin perform "Achilles Last Stand" live at Knebworth 1979. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).


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Knebworth 79 - i remember it like yesterday

I can't believe it was 31 years ago, I remember it like yesterday. I was 16 yrs old and me and 3 mates went. We had tickets but no tent so we slept in a field one night, a bus shelter another night and a shop doorway in Stevenage town centre the night after the gig. Achilles Last Stand and Kashmire were brilliant but I have to say that Stairway To Heaven was the highlight for me. Everybody holding up their lighters and singing along. It was spine tingling and still gives me goosebumps when I watch the video now, at the tender age of 47. Ahh memories.