Moby Dick (Royal Albert Hall 1970)

Royal Albert Hall - January 9, 1970


John Bonham drum solo from "Moby Dick", live at the Royal Albert Hall 1970. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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John Bonham and Led Zeppelin

I've seen Led Zeppelin twice, in Belgium, I remember, I was there at 4 pm, to have the best place, and, everyone was pushing us from behind for the same reason as mine...and my dream came true., I was at the first place, in the middle, right in front of you, and I saw the very best group, the only one, and still now ! led zeppelin IS music...4 magicians together, playing and singing in perfect harmony at the right moment, for every song
I'm so sad, about what happened to John, for his familly, and for you, Mister Plant, you lost your best friend. and also one of your children...They are no words, to tell about that synchronicity with your songs, everything youv'e done for everyone, especially for me. So, I thank you, thank you so much. See you in heaven...