Stairway to Heaven (NY 1973)

Madison Square Garden - July 27, 1973

From Led Zeppelin "The Song Remains the Same" dvd


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thank you

i want to thank you oh so much ! i'm in those years where i live off my past . i seen the zep twice and what think now is so cool is when i tell somebody 20 or 30 years old i was front row center at baltimore convention center in 1971 and recived sweat from robert as he moved around on the small stage infront of us ! people say wow man it must have been great ! makes me feel privy to a event ! it's like i have become a link to that time . so it's true that time after time becomes time a frezze frame in time . I WAS THERE just like the guy who was there an seen the beatles ! important things in our lives . and yes thank you was and is my 1 st pick because my first lay was in the back of a 57 chevy and this was the song that was playing you guys out there who love this group ! ROCK ON In my will it's say music to be played thank you 1st then stair way last . i hope who ever runs this site in afillated with the group . John why did you leave us ? we miss you ! thanks for your time PEACE all LOVE & SMOKE