Stairway to Heaven (NY 1973)

Madison Square Garden - July 27, 1973

From Led Zeppelin "The Song Remains the Same" dvd


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Ive been rocking on the drums since i was 6 (13 now) and Led...

Led Zeppelin is no doubt magic. You see, Led Zeppelin is more than just a band that makes good rock music. They are also our savior in a time when rock was dying. Led Zeppelin aswell as Jimi Hendrix (yes, its Jimi not Jimmi), and Rush. Both are absolutely magnificent bands who defy todays music of sex and drugs. Kids sometime make fun of me for listening to real music. But at the end of the day i just have to nod my head and wlk away with that Led Zeppelin shirt across my chest. So,watch out, world, cause im coming and when i do, the world will know of Real music, that i can promise.