Stairway to Heaven (NY 1973)

Madison Square Garden - July 27, 1973

From Led Zeppelin "The Song Remains the Same" dvd


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Led Zeppelin At Bath Festival

I first saw zeppelin at the bath and west festival, I think it was 1968, I still have the programme in a cupboard somewhere.I remember they were the star attraction but due to the volume of people there, could not get thru the crowds by road and had to be brought in by helicopter.While waiting for the band to arrive, Donovan had done his performance but was asked to play on until Zeppelin arrived.Now Donovan is O.K but after what seemed an eternity, instead of getting applause he got beer cans, bottles and anything else people could lay there hands on, thrown at him.Zeppelin finally arrived and as usual blew everyone away.My one contact with Zeppelin is I visit John Bonham's memorial grave which is sited not far from where I live, but sadly the pub he used to use in the village of Cutnall Green, the one you see in the video 'The Song Remains The Same, is now an Indian Restuarant.