Rotterdam 1980 (8mm film)

Ahoy Halle - June 21, 1980


Rare home movie film clips of Led Zeppelin performing live in Rotterdam 1980. 


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I wasn't at this concert. I

I wasn't at this concert. I was 12 years old in California, but I have seen Plant every solo tour. Saw Page with Paul Rodgers in the Firm both tours in 85 and 86. Saw Page solo with Jason Bonham in Los Angeles 1988. I also saw the Page/Plant tour in 96 at the Hollywood Bowl. But I never saw Zeppelin. I have seen the Song Remains the Same around 200 times from when it played at midnight in the theatre. But I've never seen Led Zeppelin. There is nothing like Led Zeppelin and there never will be. I never got to see Led Zeppelin. But I continue to wait. Robert, can you hear me? You like to do new things. You always have. That is cool. Wouldn't making new music with Led Zeppelin be new? Couldn't it be new?