Whole Lotta Love - Promo Video (1997)


"Whole Lotta Love" official promo video (1997).


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Led Zeppelin the best band of all the times and forever

For Led Zeppelin:

You are the best band of all the times and forever. I have 13 years and I live in Costa Rica a country on Central America and I obtain my first guitar at my 12 years and here in Costa Rica we didn't have concerts of bands with the quality of Led Zeppelin, so it will be like a dream come true if you come to Costa Rica and do a concert. My favorite songs are:"Whole Lotta Love”, “Heartbreaker", “Achilles Last Stand”, “The Wanton Song “, “Stairway to Heaven”,”Carouselambra”, and a lot of songs more( all of your songs are . I have early months playing the guitar and my dreams are to play it like jimmy and begin a band like led Zeppelin, and revive the Rock Roll. “So for me you are the Mothership on the music, and in concert and beyond”

Did and traduced by Jose Ignacio (a Led Zeppelin fan in Costa Rica).