Whole Lotta Love - Promo Video (1997)


"Whole Lotta Love" official promo video (1997).


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It's kinda hard to believe that at 52 you can look back and realize that this band is literally a part of who you are. There is none better!! I hear songs now on the radio and I remember each drum beat, riff, all of it. They are and always will be the BEST THERE EVER IS! Hubby bought me "How the West was Won" for Christmas. Printed out CD list so he can get me the rest. If you grew up late 60's early 70's Led Zepplin was the "head" music. They got into your soul and became a part of you....Thanks, guys for all of it. I don't think they know to what extent they played a part in our generation...because I can't be the only one who feels this way and I'm just one old Grandma. I always said, even back then, I'll be in a nursing home sitting in the rocking chair with headphones (well back then we didn't have MP3 or Ipods..lol) and rocking out to Led Zepplin. Truly a remarkable creative force. With love and thanks, Stephenie Zamora