Birmingham, AL - 5/18/77

Jefferson Memorial Coliseum - May 18, 1977

Footage of Led Zeppelin performing: The Song Remains the Same, In My Time of Dying, Kashmir and Rock and Roll. (8mm film).

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Still have my ticket, the

Still have my ticket, the first time I ever heard Led Zeppelin was in a room with the speakers way apart and my friend said you have to hear this they played a whole lot of love, I knew at that point that I had been touched by a force that I had never known and it talked to me. Every man had his job and they did it so masterfully. They would just build you up then just tear you down. I began to follow the band only in print and their albums. To me they were just so mistic, they would go away and then cut another album with almost all great songs. This feat is so hard to believe that just a hand full of bands have ever get to the air so rare. I was a witness May 18, 1977, thanks guys for the light and the shade.