Birmingham, AL - 5/18/77

Jefferson Memorial Coliseum - May 18, 1977

Footage of Led Zeppelin performing: The Song Remains the Same, In My Time of Dying, Kashmir and Rock and Roll. (8mm film).

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led zeppelin

i agree,since it don't look like the mighty zep will ever take to stage again(Thanks to the stubborness of Robert), Jimmy say's part of the zep reunion was to show the younger generation of what the zep concert experience was about to the many who have never got to witness them in concert. So why not release any video that remains so at least the younger generation can get an idea of the zep concert live experience. THERE ARE AT LEAST 5-8 SHOWS ALONE OF THE 1977 TOUR WHICH SHOWED THE LIGHT & SHADE OF ZEP AT THERE FINEST WHICH STILL EXISTS; If Robert is the one stopping this its time for Jimmy to take control as the achitect & leader not for financial reasons but to give the public what they want!!! Led Zeppelin is still to this day 40-years since the start now still the number #1 boot-legged band today in 2008.Led Zeppelin.COM is letting videos out pretty much periodically of zep=live;PLEASE JIMMY LET THE CAMARAS ROLL RELEASE THE LIVE DVD'S:TRULY THE HOLY-GRAIL; DVD YEAR 1977 DETROIT MICHIGAN THE SILVERDOME WORLD RECORD ATTENDENCE 77,000,PEOPLE,4TH NIGHT LANDOVER MARYLAND FILMED,HOUSTON SUMMIT FILMED,NEWYORK 6-NIGHTS OF SOLD OUT SHOW'S SOME FILMED, SAME IN L.A.6-NIGHTS SOLD OUT PROFESSIONALLY FILMED ON THE 3RD NIGHT FOR THE BAND THEMSELVES THURS JUNE 23RD 1977 W/KEITH MOON ON THE ENCORES & THE END OF THE SHOW, SEATTLE KINGDOOM 67,000 PEOPLE SOLD OUT PROFESIONALLY FILMED IS AVAILABLE ON MANY BOOTLEG DVD'S & OAKLAND JULY 23 & 24TH A DAY ON THE GREEN AND LED ZEPPELIN'S LAST EVER CONCERT'S AS A GROUP IN AMERICA AGAIN.THE 2003 LED ZEPPELIN DVD IS THE NUMBER #1 DVD OF ALL TIME AND I PROMISE IF JIMMY AND JONESY LET THE #2 DVD OUT THE RESULTS WOULD BE QUITE SIMIULAR.