Birmingham, AL - 5/18/77

Jefferson Memorial Coliseum - May 18, 1977

Footage of Led Zeppelin performing: The Song Remains the Same, In My Time of Dying, Kashmir and Rock and Roll. (8mm film).

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Led Zepplin Concert May 18 1977 Birmingham Alabama

The Zepplin concert was at the top of my list of the many concerts I went to. One of the cool things that happened for me was I got a call from my girlfriend a few days prior to the concert. She worked at Hanger one at the Birmingham Airport. She said come and see me during your lunch break today. I said baby I don’t get paid until Friday and I can’t take you to lunch today. She insisted that I come by. Seeing what a hot girl she was and in my mind that perhaps she had something else on her mind besides lunch I thought and told her I would be over in a few minuets. As I drove behind the runway area I saw the big DC9 with the swan song emblem on the tail section and the plane was painted a pinkish color. Being a large Zepplin fan my mouth dropped. I could not believe my eyes. What an extreme rush, to hell with what ever she had on her mind I wanted to see inside that plane. She met me at the gate and had a 110 camera and on board we went. It was cool. The inside of the plane had long shag carpet wine bottles laying around among other things, She explained that the jet was owned by a Las Vegas casino and the band rented the jet to travel from city to city during their 77 tour. We had a ball and at that time in my life was the coolest experience I had encountered. The concert well you just had to be their. If you’re a Zeppelin fan I don’t have to explain anything (You Know) On top of that the concert was general admission and we worked our way all the way to the front by the stage
Just in time to hear black dog. What an experience. Among all the things I have seen and done in my lifetime I can honestly say seeing that plane and the fun that hot chick and I had inside that plane along with one of the best concerts I ever attended the whole event rates in the top 10 coolest things that ever happened in my lifetime. Take care all you Zeppelin fans

Rick Wall Birmingham Alabama