Song Remains the Same - L.A. 3/25/75 (8mm Film)

The Forum - March 25, 1975


Live Led Zeppelin concert footage featuring "The Song Remains the Same", performed in Los Angeles, March 25, 1975. (8mm film - two source merge).


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One of their most inspiring

One of their most inspiring powerful songs- who has ever made music anything even close? This was probably nearing the end of their peak in terms of live performance unfortunately. That never really mattered to those of us who know how incredibly special their music was. I love watching the 1980 concerts on this site. To me there is something really special about that. Partially because it was the only time they could have played anything from their last album live. The magic and mystical quality of the band and their music lives on in the new fans that are discovering them even today. Cheers!