Song Remains the Same - L.A. 3/25/75 (8mm Film)

The Forum - March 25, 1975


Live Led Zeppelin concert footage featuring "The Song Remains the Same", performed in Los Angeles, March 25, 1975. (8mm film - two source merge).


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I was there in ' 75 both dazed and not too confused.

I was 11 weeks shy of my 21st birthday in the nose bleed section, yet it was the best seat in my memory that will always stay with me. My daughter and her husband, who are in the same ball park age as I was when I went to the concert, are in fact just as big Zepplin fans as I was was back then. This band will go down in history, as no other during my life time. Not even the Stones could muster up this "rush" of excitment. I realize now that I witnessed something great in the making of rock and roll during all of their music making years. Had they decided to tour with Bonhams son for all of 2008, they would have easily made in a "one last time tour", an astronomical amount of money, that would blow away any set record out of the water for decades to come. Any charitable contributions would have benifited far past those set by the "Live Aid" tour in the ' 80's. Zepplin fan forever signing out happy to have been there and pass on the memories. Next one in line is my grand daugher, who will be named after one of there songs.