MOJO Awards 'Best Live Act' 2008 - Acceptance Speech


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The Only Band That Matters

There isn't much to say about Led Zeppelin that hasn't already been said by someone else, but here goes anyway. Not only are they the greatest band to ever exist, be conceived, be remembered, be enjoyed, they are, when you break it all down to its most basic form, the only band that even matters. I'd call them cult-like, but it would be an insult. It's closer to a religion with Zeppelin. The things they brought to the rock and roll table, as it were, are innumerable. The recording of the drums to capture depth; the layers of guitars; the wailing vocals of Percy; the production enhancements Pagey brought to modern recordings. Listen to Zep 1 and it sounds like a 60s record; then listen to Zep 2 and it is the first modern sounding rock record. The way they changed how to book and promotoe tours so the artist got to keep most of the money was revolutionary and ended years of unfair business practices toward musicians. No one did any of it as well or as large as Led Zeppelin. The O2 gig showed they could still do it better, some 27 years later, than anyone else can if they want to. Now what the hell do those of us who couldn't get to that gig have to do to get Plant to agree to a world tour?