MOJO Awards 'Best Live Act' 2008 - Acceptance Speech


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I love Jimmy Page. The Last Led Zeppelin show.

Jimmy Page is the best, the most brilliant and most amazing guitarist of this world, a genius! He´s really magical! The unexpected melodies and solos, that only he knows how to do, the chords, arrangements, all so harmonious, so perfect ... Jimmy is unique, he´s the only one. And he is the most handsome man of the world! Jimmy Page, I love you!

Led Zeppelin is great, and although I was not in the O2 Arena, in the historic and most important show in recent times, I knew that the presentation would be great, like Led Zeppelin always used to do. A great chance and a gift for people like me, who might not have even been alive when the band finished. The simple fact of hearing the announcement that they would do a show already warmed my heart. I was happy with the return of Led Zeppelin on stage that day, but I was sad because I knew that I could not go, and only see them on the videos.

The presentation showed that the band remains the same and that Led Zeppelin still rocks and always will be there for those who know where to look for. Their role is to rock!

Thank you, Led Zeppelin, you are the best!

And... just one more time: Jimmy Page, I love you!!!