MOJO Awards 'Best Live Act' 2008 - Acceptance Speech


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The world needs Led Zepplin now!!!!!!

I am 46 and from the U.S.A., I have since a child had a passion for Led Zepplin's soul pounding music. I never saw the band in person, but I have seen Plant and Page on tour in Virginia Beach, Va., Robert Plant and Allison Kraus in Raleigh NC in 2008 and Jason Bonham in Raleigh, NC and at Atlantic Beach, NC. I had the oppurtunity to hang out with Jason and talked to him about his dad and The Band. His passion overtook him in Raleigh that night when he teared up after I told him his dad would be proud of his musical abilities and that someday the stars would align and his dad would again play with Led Zepplin through him. My daughter Logan was named after Robert Plants son Logan. My daughter and I saw him in Raleigh in 2008, and snuck the only poster in, that was there. It read, Logan, with her big red heart drawn, Robert Plant. We were on the 5th row Isle seat and Robert Plant read the poster and even pointed it out to Allison Kraus during a song, then he waved at my lil Logan who was then 8 yrs. old. She ask me regularly if he will keep performing and I always tell her he will probably remember her and her poster and that will give him the desire to keep on.
I just feel that John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant are amoung the best in the world at what they do, but when their together, even 30 years later, they would become Gods in a sense that no others could obtain, and don't forget what John Bonham helped bring into this world, "Jason Bonham" the perfect missing piece for Led Zepplin to return.
I still hope for them to reunite and show the world that indiffrences and personal agendas can be put aside sometimes for things bigger than ones owns desires. Make it right guys before its not possible.
Peace & Love, Greg