MOJO Awards 'Best Live Act' 2008 - Acceptance Speech


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Led Zeppelin the best rock-n-roll band

Led Zeppelin's music was the sound track to my personal journey from being an awkward teen to a young adult. I have wanted to thank them for truly making and playing the best rock music of that day and that status remains as far as I'm concerned. I had always wanted to see them live and in 1980 managed to put together enough money to by a ticket and pay for the hotel and gas to see them, in I beleive it was to be Chicago.

My excitment was hard to contain and I remember counting down the days until the US tour was to start. Then the sad news hit the radio waves: John Henry Bonham had died. I remember feeling shocked, angry and a variety of emotions that one feels when you lose someone. You see, while I never had the priveleage to see them live or meet them, they were like family.

The 8-tracks played constantly on my home stereo and in my car, and they had taken up residency in my heart and soul. So thank you Led Zepplin the awards are way past due. I would also like to wish Jimmy a Happy Birthday as I too share the same birthdate Jan. 9th.