Mojo 2008 Awards interview


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Robert, please reconsider

I have been a Zeppelin fan all my life and was extremely excited to hear about the show in London and have recently been able to watch the live shows that span throughout thier carreer on the dvd box set. They are truly amazing. Listening to Led Zeppelin does something for me that no other band can, thier music seems to feed my soul with happiness, adrenaline, excitement and many other emotions like no other. I have enjoyed thier music since i started listening to my parents records at age 9 or 10, I am 39 now and still listen to them. I wish Robert would seriously reconsider doing a full blown reunion, it would bring great happiness to so many fans, and they would definately make alot of money from it, but its not about the money. Its about a wonderful thing that could be. PLEASE ROBERT, RECONSIDER, for the fans. I LOVE YOU GUYS, THANKS FOR ALL THE MUSIC, YOUR THE BEST.