Los Angeles 1973 (8mm film)

The Forum - May 31, 1973


Rare 8mm film clips of Led Zeppelin performing at the Los Angeles Forum 1973.


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I was there. 15 years old. Drove up from San Pedro, with a bunch of my friends and their older brothers (who could drive). This is where I discovered that Georgia Love (her real name) thought I was pretty hot (I was third on a list of five), and ushered me to the seat next to her. As a result, I do not remember much about the show, and I ended up losing my ride and having to take a cab home. ($15, as I recall, which I took from my parents' dresser while they slept. Rock 'n roll!!!) It was John Bonham's birthday, and I remember the band throwing him into the audience. The seats weren't so good, and the pot was pretty stale, but I had no idea of the bragging rights years later.