Los Angeles 1973 (8mm film)

The Forum - May 31, 1973


Rare 8mm film clips of Led Zeppelin performing at the Los Angeles Forum 1973.


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led zeppelin

i started listening to zeppelin back in 1968 believe it or not i was 4yrs old. when my brother lou came home from veitnam in 1970 he ask me if i liked the jackson 5 i said hell no i like red zepwin i couldnt even pronounce the groups name but they were my favorite. at the age of 10 i got a ledzeppelin tatto on my right shoulder my mom like to shit. im sorry if i dont spell some of the words correct but it is from years of abuse sorry . i also started droppin acid at age 11 among many more drugs boy im glad i am out of that cloud seriously im glad that part of my life is over.getting back to zeppelin they are still my favorite and i missed seeing them because john paul jones died man that seemed like the worst day of my life or so i thought well i am going to keep on rockin even though i am a grandad and all you zeppelin fans out there you have great taste. rock on from steven spiegel