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March 14, 1969

Stockholm, SE



Train Kept a Rollin', I Gotta Move, I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, White Summer / Black Mountainside, How Many More Times.


After an appearance on Sweden TV earlier in the day, the band performs here for a 7:30pm gig. A portion of their set is broadcast on local FM radio. Led Zeppelin then play a later set at 10pm at Uppsala University Hall.

Press Review: Led Zeppelin Better Than Tired Country Joe.

Even though Country Joe & The Fish was the big name at Friday night’s concert in Stockholm, Led Zeppelin did a much more interesting performance. If one was disappointed at Country Joe & The Fish, one was happier to hear Led Zeppelin. Unfortunately, some of the group’s equipment was forgotten at a TV recording that day, but one could hardly notice.

The band plays a very hard and intensive blues. Its music has room for much experimenting and is, to a great extent, built on an exciting dialogue between former Yardbirds guitarist Jimmy Page and singer Robert Plant. This man has a strange voice. He sings more tones than words and lets the tones and intensity stand in for the song’s contents. Jimmy Page is among the really big names in English guitarists and showed his class in an unusually beautiful solo number called White Summer. He experimented further with a bow and guitar in the evening’s finest song called Dazed and Confused, from their LP, Led Zeppelin. Another visit from Led Zeppelin would be really welcome and for those who didn’t take the opportunity last night, should really not miss seeing that. Swedish Daily News, 3.15.69.

Double show at the concerthouse Friday night – two big acts on the same bill: English Led Zeppelin and the American Country Joe & The Fish. Most pop concerts in Stockholm usually have one headliner and one or two opening bands. Instead it was two main attractions and that was good because  the tickets were unusually expensive. The Concerthouse was almost sold-out. Led Zeppelin first impressed me because they played so hard and loud; not in that typical thin English way. They had an almost American heaviness and depth to their music. But the group is just a few months old and they haven’t found their place yet. The guitarist Jimmy Page is good, a skillful and imaginative soloist. His bassist was good too and the drummer was promising. The singer I didn’t like. He mostly screamed and the lyrics he was screaming were banal. Stockholm Daily News, 3.15.69. (transcription:LZ The Press Reports, 1997)

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Submit your personal review of a particular show you attended, updates, corrections, etc., which will be considered for addition to the official online archive.You may also contact the webmaster at: webmaster@ledzeppelin.com

The Stockholm Concert 1969

Incredible show to witness to be sure...and amazing pictures.The photo of Jimmy with the psychedelic Telecaster is incredible and one of the few good shots of Jimmy with this guitar.Are you selling prints of these photos? I have just made a replica of this guitar,right down to the cigarette burns on the headstock and I would love to have a nice print of this photo to hang above the guitar!