Oakland 7.23.77

Alameda County Coliseum - July 23, 1977

Rare 8mm footage of Led Zeppelin live in Oakland 1977.

Concert info: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/july-23-1977



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I stood about 150 yards away

I was 17 and went with a few old neighbors of mine. I lived off of MacArthur Blvd. I had to cross a live BART rail to get across because I didn't have a car getting there. I managed to get in an hour before the concert and walked through a sea of people towards the stage on the green. Don Kirshner's people were walking around checking for overdoses. Somebody spiked punch with a lot of LSD. This was my first rock concert. Lets just say I didn't know the three purple triangles I saw were Judas Priest at first, but they played very well. By the time I prayed to god and came down it was time for Led Zeppelin. Their music played right through me. Certainly the best way to experience their music. I remember for a while some girl was riding my shoulders bouncing a beach ball back into the crowd. I realized the crowd behind us didn't have a good view of Plant and set her down. Never piss off a thousand people surrounding you. The crowd couldn't get enough music. We all hung out for half an hour hoping for more. I suppose you always want your fans wanting more. I found a ride home with my head buzzing for a week. Great experience.