Oakland 7.23.77

Alameda County Coliseum - July 23, 1977

Rare 8mm footage of Led Zeppelin live in Oakland 1977.

Concert info: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/july-23-1977



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I was there!

July 23, 1977
I was there! About 30 feet from the stage. Waited hours for Zep to take the stage after sets by Judas Priest & Rick Derrringer. The infamous backstage brawl occurred after this gig between Zep security and Bill Graham Presents security and the Zep gig the following day at this venue was to be their last ever in the USA, unknown to all at the time. Since then I have met Robert & Jimmy and spoken to them about this infamous gig. Jimmy vividly recalls the 'security thugs' at the front of the stage, manhandling the patrons in the very front of the crowd, much more aggressive than any Zep entourage antics....according to Jimmy. When I told Robert I was at this gig, he asked me if I was backstage..... I knew exactly why he was asking.....